195,50 lei



  • 20% softer than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD
  • 15 cm longer than the classical MED
  • Specially designed for beginners
  • Broad range of applications, from sports to therapy

The classical BLACKROLL® MED is now also available in a length of 45 cm. This is a top request from Pilates trainers and therapists who want to be able to offer their patients a larger support surface. The hardness and stability as well the broad range of applications of the MED in sports and therapy are exactly the same.

With the BLACKROLL® MED 45, you can palpably increase your muscular elasticity and performance with little effort and simple exercises. With 20% lower hardness, the BLACKROLL® MED 45 foam roller allows a softer self-myofascial treatment – just the thing for gentle use in therapy, for example, for people with lower body weight or simply when you wish a less intensive massage.

  • Palpably increase and maintain muscular elasticity and performance
  • Regulate incorrect loading
  • Counteract postural damage
  • Prevent strain injuries in sports
  • Regenerate specific muscles
  • Release adhesions in the connective tissue (fascia)

Please note:

We do not recommend doing balance exercises while standing on the MED 45. The BLACKROLL® MED 45 is recommended for body weight only up to 75 kg. Heavier people can reinforce the roller with two BLACKROLL® MINIS.